About Pacific Data Partners

Pacific Data Partners is the largest global data marketplace focused on B2B data for use in marketing, sales and analytics. Use our data to supercharge your business and drive more effective marketing campaigns, empower your sales team with accurate contact records and derive new insights from a rich dataset as part of your business intelligence and analytics efforts.

Pacific Data Partners was founded by industry veterans from Amazon, BlueKai and Oracle. Through their extensive background in enabling businesses to leverage first and and third party data have created the Pacific Data Partners B2B Data Marketplace. Pacific Data Partners works with top tier partners to build comprehensive and accurate datasets in professional, firmographic and technographic data.

Pacific Data Partners sources data from technology companies, data companies, credit bureaus, local, state and federal government agencies, and more. With over 50 billion records coming from more than 700 datasets we are uniquely positioned to help business activate data across sales, marketing, business intelligence, HR and other departments.